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SITEOPS – Site Planning in a Fraction of the Time of Traditional CAD

What is SITEOPS?


SITEOPS® by Bentley Systems is a unique patented conceptual site design software that allows Bloc Design to evaluate more information and design options in the early stages of a project, design more efficiently and analyze development costs. This tool helps Bloc Design create and explore various site plan options in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional CAD processes.


Bloc Design is a Certified SITEOPS Professional firm


What are the benefits as a client?   Moving from "Does it fit" to "Does it work".


Using intelligent data, SITEOPS helps us provide our client with smart, measurable, and defendable design decisions, and the ability to even create and revise site designs in real time.


This software changes the thinking during the site selection and site design process from,"does it fit" to a full evaluation of "does it work" in consideration of topography, grading, earthwork and land development cost, and site constraints.

Lastly, SITEOPS can integrate into our workflows both with the ability to export to AutoCAD and the ability to rapidly create 3D presentation drawings by exporting to SketchUp and LumenRT.

What type of projects is it best used for?

We have used SITEOPS across nearly every market sector:


  • Industrial Sites and Industrial Parks

  • Healthcare Campuses and Medical Office

  • Retail and Office Developments

  • Mixed Use or Multi-Use Commercial

  • Park and Recreation

  • Higher Education and K-12

  • Single Family Neighborhoods and Multi-family Sites

  • New Green Sites or Possible Campus/Phased Expansions


If you are interested in learning more, we would be glad to come by your office for a brief demonstration to show you how our firm uses this software to add value to your project! Contact us today!

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