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BMP Inspections

Many jurisdictions now require stormwater management strategies for new or renovated land development projects.  These strategies typically include the implementation of BMP's (Best Management Practices) to treat and detain stormwater onsite, prior to releasing.  These may include dry and wet detention basins, stormwater wetlands, underground detention, bioretention (rain gardens), sand filters, and others.



   Bloc Design and its licensed engineers have designed hundreds of stormwater BMPs and are Certified BMP Inspectors.



Most jurisdictions require a contract between the Owner and the governing body to ensure routine maintenance and annual inspection of each individual BMP. Failure to maintain and inspect could result in serious and expensive fines. The annual inspections must be conducted by a registered professional with specific knowledge and understanding of BMP functions, design, and construction elements.

Having completed numerous inspections throughout North and South Carolina, Bloc Design possesses the expertise needed to complete these inspections, provide descriptive remediation summaries, and file necessary documents with the governing body in order to keep our clients in compliance with the applicable local, State, and Federal codes.

Contact us for a consultation to see if your property's BMP requires inspection.

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