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Breaking the myth of the Local Footprint?

Often we get asked, "How big is your footprint?" or "How far outside Mecklenburg County do you provide services?" 

As you can see from the graphic above, our "footprint" covers far beyond Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte, as well as our adjacent neighboring counties and townships.  As a company, we have provided civil engineering, master planning, and landscape architecture services for over 47 counties, including multiple townships and city jurisdictions in North, South Carolina, and Georgia.  

Progress and growth in technology has dramatically changed our ability to reach beyond our county's footprint.  Even smaller townships and counties now have ample information in terms of GIS data, online ordinances, rezoning and permit procedures, and other critical data.  High definition aerials, Google Street View, and other mapping tools allow us to review sites at a preliminary level until advanced mapping and surveying are required, and site visits become warranted.  

But beyond the technology, nothing replaces one of the oldest technologies in our tool chest....the phone!  We ensure that we are calling  and speaking with local agencies, and in some cases meeting with them, at a very early stage to confirm any particulars about a site that could have an impact on design, planning, engineering, or permitting.  

What we have found is our local Charlotte client-base sees value in having a knowledgeable, experienced firm down the street that provides better communication, stronger design, and quality engineering whom they know and trust.  This outweighs the risk of trying to find a local presence that carries a lot of unknowns. 

Contact us and let us see if we can help you with your project....wherever it may be. 

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