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Rezoning, Entitlement, and Variance Services

Bloc Design provides land planning and civil engineering services to help our clients rezone their property to achieve their goals for their desired development or improvements.  These services may include: 

  • Initial planning and strategic evaluation of various site plan options, considerations, and challenges. 

  • Consultation with the client to help clarify and explain the submittal process.

  • Coordination with local planning and review agencies, as well as local elected officials, such as council and planning boards.

  • Facilitate required and non-required neighborhood and community informational meetings.

  • Coordination with potential design team partners such as architects, legal council, and transportation engineers. 

  • Represent client and present project at public hearings, zoning commission meetings, public board hearings, as well as city/town council meetings.

   Bloc Design and its staff have overseen dozens of rezoning and variance hearings.


Our team understands that this process is holistic and multi-faceted.  It begins with early due diligence to help our client understand all of the site's potential obstacles and challenges, and to mold them into project opportunities that create a successful outcome for the client. 

Contact us for a consultation to see if we can help you with your rezoning needs. 

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