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Elevation Church - Matthews & Concord Campuses


Matthews, NC

Concord, NC

Bloc Design provided landscape architecture and civil engineering services for Elevation Church Matthews' campus and the Concord campus.  The Matthews improvements include renovations to the front entrance and transforming the rear loading dock area into a new outdoor amenity area which includes outdoor seating, private nooks, lush landscaping and adding comfortable shade structures. ​ Construction is anticipated to be complete by summer of 2020.  

Bloc Design's scope for the Concord campus includes the renovation of the new primary front entrance, which was a former side home and garden section of a K-Mart.  Elevation Church will anchor the end of an existing retail center.  The design includes an attractive new hardscape and landscape renovation inviting the eye towards the new facade renovations and entrance.  Construction is anticipated to be complete by summer of 2020. 




Adaptive Reuse

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